Applications for Colorado’s first Independent Congressional and Legislative Redistricting Commissions close Nov. 10, 2020.

As of Nov. 2, the Independent Congressional Redistricting Commission has received 349 applications, and the Independent Legislative Redistricting Commission has received 234 applications. 


An overview document with demographic information about these applicants is posted on the congressional and legislative commissions’ websites. Full listings of applicants for each commission are also available on the websites.

The commissions were created by Amendments Y and Z in 2018. The amendments anticipated at least 1,050 applicants for each commission, divided somewhat evenly among Democrats, Republicans and unaffiliated voters. 


Detailed information about the selection process is available on the commissions’ websites under “Commissions.”

The 12 members of each commission will be selected from their respective applicant pools by a combination of random draw and review by retired judges and legislative leadership, after vetting by nonpartisan staff to ensure minimum qualifications are met. 

This process will begin in January 2021, with the full congressional commission selected by March 1 and the full legislative commission selected by March 1.

Anyone interested in the redistricting process may sign up for a mailing list via a subscription link on the websites.

Jeanne Davant is a graduate of the University of North Carolina. She worked for daily newspapers in D.C., North Carolina and Colorado, and has taught journalism and creative writing. She joined the Colorado Publishing House in 2017.