The Colorado State Forest Service (CSFS) released its 2020 Colorado Forest Action Plan Nov. 10. The plan analyzes trends affecting forests and offers solutions and guidance for forest health and resiliency. 

CSFS worked with a variety of experts and professionals to develop the plan. “Current and emerging conditions are threatening the health and resiliency of forests in Colorado. There is a solution, but it requires an investment in our forests that cannot be sporadic. Rather, that investment must be focused and strategic, crossboundary and collaborative,” said Michael Lester, state forester and director of CSFS in the plan’s introduction.

The plan is organized around six themes: forest conditions, wildfire, watershed protection, wildlife, urban and community forestry, and forest products. Each section outlines strategies to conserve, manage and protect forest landscapes and enhance their public benefit.

This year, Colorado’s forests have been devastated by record-breaking wildfires.

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