The El Paso County Sheriff’s Office is conducting an “administrative review to see if any policies or procedures were violated,” a sheriff’s spokesperson said, in an Aug. 31 incident in which Lt. Bill Huffor arrested a man for shining a flashlight in Huffor’s face.

First reported by KOAA News5, the incident began in the 5200 block of Marabou Way as Huffor was working on “administrative duties” in his sheriff’s vehicle, a sheriff’s report states. Tony Twiss, 53, came up to him and shined a flashlight in his vehicle. Huffor then demanded to see his identification and the incident escalated to the point Huffor arrested Twiss, alleging he had “assaulted” him by shining the flashlight in his eyes.

“I didn’t assault him,” Twiss told KOAA. “I never touched him. I asked him to leave like four times.”

Huffor was “counseled” in 2016 for a sexual harassment allegation and was accused of delegate intimidation in 2018, though the complaint wasn’t upheld.

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