PPSC Centennial campus_Courtesy PPSC

Pikes Peak State College is now home to a new center for developing community leaders — one of 10 in the nation established by the nonprofit organization The Citizens Campaign.

At PPSC the Citizen Leadership Center, as it’s called, will “aim to give citizens the tools and know-how to exercise their power beyond the ballot,” according to a Sept. 19 press release. 

As part of the center, PPSC will offer a free course on leadership and “No-Blame Problem Solving,” based on The Citizens Campaign’s staple method taught to achieve government engagement and change, PPSC's release said. The course is open to all students and the public, and its materials can be accessed at any time.

PPSC also announced its political science curriculum will now incorporate the nonpartisan organization’s principles, which include “service, civility and pragmatism.” The college and campaign’s goal is to establish a “civic trust” based at PPSC — an association of citizens trained to address community issues and work productively with public officials.

“This program seeks to educate, to promote collaboration, and to unify broader interests while seeking solutions to 21st century community issues and problems,” Dr. Elsa Dias, a PPSC political science faculty member, said in the release.