What?! We have to vote... again?!

​​Yep, the Earth has spun itself around the sun twice and we’ve got to pick people to do stuff. 

Here in El Paso County, a number of important positions are up for grabs, to include the offices of assessor, coroner, sheriff, clerk and recorder, treasurer and two county commissioners. Voters will narrow the crowded field during the primaries on June 28 and again in the general election this November. 

The Indy’s editorial board conducted interviews with most of the candidates running for county positions (not everyone wanted to speak with us but we tried). This section is the culmination of hours upon hours of interviews with the candidates seeking to serve you and your interests. Whether or not you agree with our picks, our hope is that we’ve helped you make an informed decision.   

Now for all the stuff you’ve heard before... Voting is vital to a democracy but we all know Americans aren’t very good at it. We’re pretty apathetic even during years that include a presidential election. And midterm elections? Meh, why bother at all?

Yes, living in a Democracy is hard. And it sometimes means you have to make hard decisions. (Actually, some of these decisions aren’t hard. Trust me...)

BTW, you can dig even deeper by checking out the recordings of our endorsement interviews at tinyurl.com/primarycandidates and get all the info you need to make up your own mind. And if you missed it because you were in such a hurry to read this intro, check out our voting guide.

Now go forth mighty voter... and choose wisely.

— Bryan Grossman Editor-in-Chief


Bryan Grossman is a graduate of the University of Colorado Boulder. He has been editor-in-chief of the Colorado Springs Indy since 2019.