Student films from the Colorado Springs-based Youth Documentary Academy’s summer youth film training academy have been selected for two noted film festivals. “Students are recruited from a wide variety of schools and communities and are selected through a competitive application process to reflect a wide diversity of ethnic, economic and educational backgrounds as well as to showcase unique and fresh stories through the lens of young people,” according to a news release. 

Six YDA films will be screened at The Short Circuit Film Festival in Colorado Springs, part of the Indie Spirit Film Festival. “The chosen student films cover such topics as post-traumatic stress disorder, intimate partner violence, teen suicide, gender non-conformity and the impacts of physical and intellectual differences,” the news release reads.

Plus, three films by Youth Documentary Academy graduates were selected to be screened at the Scout Film Festival, which showcases films by youths ages 18 and under and 19 through 24 from around the world. 

Associate Editor

Alissa Smith is the associate editor of the Colorado Springs Indy, and has lived in Colorado Springs since 1996. She has coordinated listings, curated featured events, herded cats, and both edited and contributed to Queer & There.