Amy Gillentine

Amy Gillentine, Publisher and Executive Editor 

What do you do when it’s been a particularly “terrible, horrible, no good, really bad day”? (See Judith Viorst’s children’s book for reference.)

When you get bad news, alarming emails, angry phone calls, hostile conversations — one right after another — what do you do? How do you handle it when your plate is full; you are trying to make sure all bases are covered, and you’re met with — more bad news?

We’ve all been there, right? Bad news at work, followed by bad news at home, until it piles up.

This is what I do: I go for a long hike (so grateful to live in Colorado Springs), do some yoga, take a hot bath, remind myself that most bad news is temporary and I’ve survived worse. I take myself out of the situation, rest and breathe, so I can pick up with plans for a better tomorrow. The promise of a better tomorrow is there for all of us. At heart, I’m an optimist and, for every bad day, there are a thousand good ones, filled with laughter, love and a sense of purpose and mission.

I remind myself of some of my Mamaw’s sayings: “Bloom where you are planted.” "Rain brings rainbows and flowers,” and “Amy-Nae, this too will pass. It always does.” (Yes, she called me Amy-Nae because my middle name is Renee. No, no one else can call me that.) I miss her so much, but I have her wisdom and sunshiny perspective to carry me through the hard times.

So what do you do? On those days “terrible, horrible, no good, really bad days?” Share with me how you learn from your mistakes, support other people through theirs and strive to create a better future — once you have learned hard lessons the hard way.

Everyone has bad days; how do you get through yours?

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