Circus cruelty

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Dear Editor,

I am  disheartened that both Colorado Springs and Pueblo are hosting the Garden Brothers Circus once again.   The Garden Brothers have accumulated a wealth of complaints against them ranging from animal neglect and abuse to fleecing patrons unable to get refunds when performances are cancelled.

Circus animals are confined virtually all of their lives in barren conditions.  In addition they suffer daily physical and psychological abuse.  For example they travel nearly all year in trucks and box cars with no climate control, they are trained with extreme "discipline" such as hitting, poking, shocking with electrical prods and terrible beatings with bull hooks.  Circus training is animal abuse and nothing less.

Even though the USDA sets the bare minimum stands of care, most circuses are not inspected at all.

These awe inspiring animals deserve our reverence, protection and deserve a life of freedom, versus daily suffering in this day and age.  Circuses offer only pain, hardship and abuse for these animals.

As long as people continue to turn a blind eye and patronize them they will continue.  Please support a ban on using wild animals in captivity and please do not patronize these events.  Thank you.  

- Christine Vercellino, Colorado Springs