Death rates have been misleading

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As I write this, there are 2 people hospitalized in Colorado Springs with Coronavirus, so we need to mandate masks......

The death rate is less than the flu pandemics of 1968, 1956, and 1918 when adjusted for population. You'd never know that if you watch most news channels.

I have noticed more and more people wearing masks, yet the virus is on the rise (and deaths on the decline), which doesn't add up if masks prevent, or even limit, transmission. And if masks were a proven method to prevent the spreading of Covid, then we shouldn't have to quarantine, just put on a mask. Masks probably make people more comfortable than they ought to be, the effect would be the exact opposite of the intended result.

Distancing is the only proven method to remain virus-free, and 3' has become the accepted standard in many countries. Not in ours, it's six feet, which increases the challenges facing many small businesses.

Death rates have been misleading. Reports vary, some say as many as 75% of people who have died with coronavirus also had preexisting conditions that would have caused their death within the following 30 months without contracting Coronavirus.

So I'm one of those people that only wears a mask when I have to. Not to be "defiant", or "divisive" like someone told me recently, but for the reasons stated. I follow some of the basic recommendations, like practicing social distance and washing my hands, and I'm a healthy person, so there isn't much to be concerned about.

If I did have a preexisting condition, was elderly, or chose to live an unhealthy life like so many in our society (obesity is a huge problem, pun intended), there's a better chance that the Coronavirus or some other disease could lead to my sickness or even death. That's nothing more than natural selection. And if I choose to be unhealthy, I could only blame myself.

So then the question is, if I'm one of those at risk people, which is a small minority, should I expect the world to change for me, for the economy to basically shut down on my behalf, for people to stay home, for everyone to wear masks? I would not expect that, I would place my own well-being in my hands and not anyone else's - I'm not a victim. And if my number was called, I could only be so happy to join the Lord in my eternal home - that day can't come soon enough knowing what's on the other side and where this country is headed.

After the November election, this entire Covid topic will begin to fade away, there is no doubt that politics are factoring in, both sides are responsible.


Tom Stewart