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If you've been following the Rockies in their spring exhibition games so far, chances are that you're on the verge of being hopeful — if not excited.

Kubiak always had been a pleasure to cover during his nine years as backup quarterback to John Elway, providing sharp perspectives that made it clear he was destined for bigger things.

As the late Col. John Clune, long-time Air Force athletic director, liked to say, "There's no such thing as a bad beer or a bad bowl."

We could dissect the AFA vs CSU game more, but that's been done. What the situation needs is historical perspective.

Every November, as another college football season nears its conclusion, one of the rituals is recognizing the year's best turnaround stories.

Air Force's defense, showing a swagger and a mean, aggressive edge, reminded me of two years in particular from the program's proud past.

For those unsure of what conclusions to draw from the Denver Broncos' preseason, here's a quick synopsis.

You might assume the state's major-college football programs are looking at another sad season in 2014. But the news is not all that bleak.

When the news came a few weeks ago of Van Dyken's freak accident in Arizona, anyone who knew the American swimming hero had to share the sadness.

When the answers come, they won't be secrets. And they might help lead to better outcomes for other sports in 2018.

We don't have to wait around and hold our collective breath every year, staking our hopes on when the Pro Challenge will bless us with another day in the sun.