When United states Supreme Court Justice Sam Alito’s secret plan for canceling the constitutional right of women to end their pregnancies leaked to the public, Republican politicos went ballistic! Over the leak, that is.

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For years, as ever-bigger corporate combines grabbed ever-bigger chunks of market power, America’s political, media and academic establishment scoffed at critics, drowning them out with jolly rounds of “Zip-a-Dee-Doo-Dah.” But the concentration of corporate power can no longer be dismissed, …

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I think we can now say the obvious: The Republican Party has gone bull goose bonkers. Its leaders have turned the once-proud GOP brand into an unprincipled gaggle of corporate profiteers, hatemongers and screwball conspiracy theorists. They’re so far out that the Hubble Telescope can’t find them!

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As we know, “government ethics” can be a very slippery concept. That’s why We The People have insisted that every public official — from Congress critters to dog catchers — swear to abide by some minimum standard of proper behavior. Not that all will honor it, but a code of ethics provides a…

Keep On Truckin’ was an iconic underground cartoon created in 1968 by comic master Robert Crumb. Featuring various big-footed men strutting jauntily through life, the caricature became widely popular as an expression of young people’s collective optimism. “You’re movin’ on down the line,” Cr…

If an inanimate, self-serving monopolistic behemoth like Amazon Inc. can be armed with the legally enforceable rights of a human being, how much more deserving is the Amazon River, which abounds with real life and serves the common good?

Big meat did a collective knee-jerk this spring when Joe Biden proposed a 50 percent cut in greenhouse-gas emissions. While cars and coal plants were the chief targets, gross concentrations of cows, pigs, etc., by industrial ag are also major generators of those gases, so the industry and it…

I never dreamed of growing up to be a political activist/commentator, but here I am, and it’s worked out pretty well for me. I’ve been lucky enough to have a voice in public matters and eke out a modest living running my mouth as an independent populist agitator. Still, I have to confess to …

Some years ago, a young, sorta-hippyish couple knocked on my front door. They had noticed that I had fig trees in the yard, laden with summer fruit. If I wasn’t going to pick them all, they asked, could they harvest some figs? Since I was about to take a trip, I said: Sure, have at ’em.

The corporate hierarchy has long tried to diminish labor activism in the United States by insisting that strikes and other workplace agitations have never had broad support or impact because they are fundamentally un-American.

For many people, the animals they adopt and love become more like family members than pets. We have deep relationships, with cats, dogs, parrots, goats, horses and other fellow critters — who at least pretend to love us back, providing comfort and joy all around.

Here are two terms that you don’t expect to see together: “the state of Alabama” and “progressive leader.” And yet — even with its well-earned reputation as a bastion of Jim Crow voter theft, plutocratic anti-worker policies and right-wing nutballism — the Camellia State has flowered as a mo…

‘If you think education is expensive, try ignorance,” the old bumper sticker says; yet for decades national and state lawmakers have flaunted their ignorance of what makes a good society by stupidly shortchanging our investment in our youngest minds.

We’ve got the Academy Awards, the Emmys and Grammys… but what should we call the award for the most extraordinary performance by a corporate profiteer? How about the “Sleazy,” with winners getting a solid gold sculpture of a middle finger? There were so many worthy contenders, but one corpor…

It’s been a hell of a hot summer, exploding the top off thermometers with triple-digit readings across the country. As we’re learning, week after week of this debilitating heat intensifies wildfires, causes electric grids to fail, kills millions of wild animals (including fish!), burns up cr…

As a writer, I get stuck every so often straining for the right words to tell my story. Over the years, though, I’ve learned when to quit tying myself into mental knots over sentence construction, instead stepping back and rethinking where my story is going.

When I was just a tyke, cowboy actors were marketed as role models for little backyard cowpokes like me, and we could send off to get a certificate making us “Pals of the Saddle” or some such with Roy Rogers, Hopalong Cassidy or others. 

Mega-investor Warren Buffett once held a big portfolio of daily and weekly newspapers, and he specialized in squeezing out competitors so each held a local monopoly. Then he’d chop staff and news content, letting him glean annual profit margins above 30 percent.

Ralph Waldo Emerson told of a dinner guest who went on and on about the virtue of honesty, offering his own life as a model of perfect rectitude. “The louder he talked of his honor,” said Emerson, “the faster we counted our spoons.”

‘Those in the know” say that We the People should forget any progressive fantasy that — at long last — Washington might finally produce the kind of bold FDR-style agenda that America needs. They smugly lecture us that recalcitrant Republicans in Congress, not to mention a swarm of corporate …

Woody Guthrie had a lot to say about the greed of bankers who made crop loans at usurious interest rates to hardscrabble farmers, then foreclosed on them when they couldn’t pay off the loans, leaving thousands of farm families homeless. Woody mocked them with a sarcastic anthem, singing “I’m…

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‘Outrageous,” screeched the U.S. Chamber of Commerce. “It doesn’t feel fair,” whimpered a top corporate executive.

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These days, the haughty rich in our country have developed such an arrogant sense of entitlement that they’ve gone from being merely irritating to infuriating.

No longer just a parlor game, Monopoly is what’s for dinner. Practically every commodity and every step in producing our families’ most essential consumer purchase is in the tight grip of four or fewer global conglomerates.

‘Those in the know” say that We the People should forget any progressive fantasy that — at long last — Washington might produce the kind of bold, FDR-style agenda that America needs. They smugly lecture us that recalcitrant Republicans in Congress, not to mention a swarm of corporate lobbyis…

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When corporate ex-executives are absurdly hypocritical, yet so obtuse that they don’t even realize it, is it still hypocrisy… or are they just dimwitted?

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In a world that’s clogged and choking with a massive overdose of plastic trash, you’ll be heartened to learn that governments and industries are teaming up to respond forcefully to this planetary crisis.