No longer just a parlor game, Monopoly is what’s for dinner. Practically every commodity and every step in producing our families’ most essential consumer purchase is in the tight grip of four or fewer global conglomerates:

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‘Those in the know” say that We the People should forget any progressive fantasy that — at long last — Washington might produce the kind of bold, FDR-style agenda that America needs. They smugly lecture us that recalcitrant Republicans in Congress, not to mention a swarm of corporate lobbyis…

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When corporate ex-executives are absurdly hypocritical, yet so obtuse that they don’t even realize it, is it still hypocrisy… or are they just dimwitted?

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In a world that’s clogged and choking with a massive overdose of plastic trash, you’ll be heartened to learn that governments and industries are teaming up to respond forcefully to this planetary crisis.

Many of us read William Golding’s Lord of the Flies in high school — and it’s still being taught. The 1954 novel depicts the gradual descent into barbaric darkness by a group of English schoolboys shipwrecked on a small, deserted island. Its portrayal of innate human depravity was hailed at …

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During the hectic holiday shopping season, Jeff Bezos’ may seem like a great option, especially for us procrastinators. Anything you want can be shipped directly to your doorstep. All it takes is a few clicks and — of course— some of your hard-earned money.

Many years ago, literary critic Dorothy Parker skewered an unfortunate author with her sharp wit: “This is not a novel to be tossed aside lightly,” she said. “It should be thrown with great force!”

Little known fact: In more and more races, the GOP doesn’t have broad enough appeal to fairly produce an election majority, so it has resorted to rigging the system so a minority prevails.

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Shortly after taking office, Trump puffed himself up in full Trumpian pomposity to proclaim: “We will honor the American people with the truth, and nothing else.”

Is it really so hard? Voting, I mean — smooth democratic elections with all citizens able to easily cast their ballots and with every ballot fairly counted. Is that too much for people to ask?

With our national election looming, someone should put up “lost dog” signs in every neighborhood saying, “Missing: Republican Party Platform.”

Top regulatory officials in Trump’s government keep chanting the same one-word mantra: “Deregulate… Deregulate… Deregulate…” Day after day, these agency bosses have been “liberating” greedy business interests to do their damnedest to us consumers, workers, the environment… and even to our ch…

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This is a make or break year for many migrants seeking to improve their families’ financial conditions. They say they’re being persecuted in their homeland, yet they fear being vilified for crossing the border. What to do?

The holiday season got me thinking about America’s spirit of giving, and I don’t mean this overdone business of Christmas gifts. I mean our true spirit of giving — giving of ourselves.