Please caucus and vote

Sometimes every politician sounds good. They all know how to appeal to voters; they all have good speechwriters. However, what matters is how they vote. According to Vote Smart (, Cory Gardner has some pretty poor ratings over his political career. The Western Organization of Resource Councils, women's rights groups, the National Farmers Union, most environmental groups, Equal Rights Colorado, and the National Education Association, among others, give him a zero. AARP of Colorado gives him a rating of only 40%.

If you look at who gives him money, the fossil fuel industry is certainly involved. Maybe that is why he is not very concerned about the climate crisis.

I am not very fond of John Hickenlooper; he, too, is a little too close to the fossil fuel industry. I'd prefer Andrew Rominoff for our next senator. However, Hickenlooper would be far, far better than Cory Gardner. Please caucus and vote for Colorado and the country.

Katherine Delanoy