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George Floyd's statement, "I can't breathe" will resonate for decades to come; consequently, his tragic death will not have happened in vain. After all, we know that injustice and oppression happens on many levels – legal, political, domestic, in a work setting, just to name a few. Who knows? maybe even under the guidelines of organized religions, with the subliminal message that humility will get you to heaven. Spiritual brainwash, if you asked me.

How many cowards within the political system fail to show integrity, character and strength to speak up against injustice? Is it because of fear of loss of status, prestige, power and money, or simple apathy?

What a rollercoaster of emotions we have experienced since the day of George Floyd's death, from deep sadness, to hope at the sight of demonstrations, to despair as some demonstrators vandalized stores. Such events translated into another form of taking George's life, all over again.

Then came Trump, not only to pour vinegar on open wounds, but to insult people's intelligence, thinking that we were going to believe the stunt he pulled with his photo op holding the Bible. It was then that I asked God for how much longer was He going to allow these horrendous incidents to happen.

On the positive side, all of the above brought to the surface the good in countless individuals, those who demonstrated peacefully, giving a loud, clear and congruent message to the rest of us that oppression and injustice has to stop! Also, certain aspects of the media have been instrumental in showing the viewers, the good, the bad and the ugliness of the current events, objectively and with a high level of compassion and sensitivity.

At least for now, I am confident that police officers will think twice before enforcing the law based on skin color. At least for now, politicians will start standing up for what is right, even at the risk of getting FIRED by the man who has already created so much division in this country. At least for now, we will get mobilized to create a better life for those who continue to struggle because of a lack of education.

As a woman of color, for now and until I take my last breath, I will thank everyone in this country who stood up for what is right, during these trying times. All of those who demonstrated peacefully, who risked the consequences under the blind eye of some power hungry police officers, not to mention the current health consequences. THANK YOU, A MILLION TIMES!


Colorado Springs