The Pledge Of Allegiance

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Are we, the people of this country, united in the true sense of the word? especially now that any one of us can be affected by the COVID-19, regardless of political or religious ideation, cultural background, skin color, gender, age or financial status? If not, can anyone make sense of how this deadly virus has taken a political spin, to the extent of dividing the country in the way that it has?

Every once in a while we see on TV children reciting the Pledge of Allegiance by rote. Do they really understand what they are saying? Words such as united, justice for all, and such, are bound to create such a disconnect in people’s mind, when the words repeated, mindlessly, do not match the actions of some.

Another blatant case of cognitive dissonance is to see the president of the greatest country of the world conduct himself as though a lobotomy was performed on him. How does he expect to get re-elected after the manner in which he is dividing the country? After his ridiculous attempt to defy science at the expense of human lives?

Where are politicians in all this? In particular, those who fear president Trump, for whatever reason? In the final analysis, those who enable President Trump to conduct himself as though he cared about no one but himself, are just as much to blame for the current problems we are experiencing.

Marcela Gaumer

Colorado Springs