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I don't know why I'm writing, I just know the Independent listens and is a voice for many in Colorado Springs.

Pikes Peak Center—love it, have been a patron for over 20 years. I particularly love the Broadway Series. My problem is that I'm not as "rich" as I used to be. Living on social security is no joke. But I love the arts so whatever I can save, it goes to Pikes Peak Center and Fine Arts Center. Can't seem to keep up with them much longer. The annual increases are way past the 1.6% increase we got this year. So I may be forced to give up one of the things I love most. So when they talk about how isolation carries a high risk to the health of seniors, this is one of the reasons. They can't afford to get out for entertainment so they stay home, alone. Our community should do more to reach out to seniors and show some empathy. We're better than this. Oh, we have a wonderful Senior Center and other venues for seniors, but what about the arts? Recently I did write to Pikes Peak Center to voice my disappointment that in two years the price of the season tickets has gone up $40. $600 to have PP Center and FAC tickets. Some seniors don't even receive that much monthly. I know, doesn't sound like a lot to most. But I do think we need some kind of senior discount, loyalty program, something. I recently wrote Pikes Peak Center to see if there was anything that could be done. The answer. Move to the cheaper seats in the back. I have waited many years to get the good seats so I can see and hear well. And that's the best answer they can give. Shame on them. We're better than this. We're not even halfway through the 2019-2020 season and we are being pressed to renew now. At this point I'm just trying to get a renewal extension. Afraid that's not going to happen. It's embarrassing to write this, but someone has to. I feel for those who would love to share in the arts but are unable to. The enriching experience brings a smile and much happiness to many who don't have a whole lot to smile about.

Thanks for listening and keep up your great work! Colorado Springs needs you!