Utterly appropriate?

"Utterly appropriate"???

City Council voted to severely restrict the permitting of any new short term rentals in Colorado Springs. At that meeting Councilmember Geislinger said, "It is utterly appropriate to put restrictions in place before we know that we should have put restrictions in place"

Is it? Really? That sounds like an extremely slippery slope. That sounds like an argument only made necessary to push through restrictions that weren't properly supported by data or constituents.

In the past year, short term rentals generated almost no code violation complaints (18 as reported by Morgan Hester at the meeting in late October). There has been a single permit hearing and zero permit revocations. City council received emails from over 600 constituents opposed to these restrictions in the week prior to the vote. A poll this week in the Colorado Springs Business Journal showed 80% of respondents felt that these changes were too strict or entirely unnecessary.

This was forced through haphazardly. There are always unintended consequences in the pursuit of immediate gratification. I'll be interested to see what other changes are deemed "utterly appropriate".

Ryan Spradlin