Rep. Doug Lamborn

Yes, this is the question of the day for Doug’s CO-3 constituents.  Besides his voting in lock-step to overturn a legal, fraud less election results and insurrection; supporting a riot to take over the OUR Capitol by armed treasonous militia; supporting a deceitful, dishonest, untruthful, corrupt, inciter of a riot to the bitter end; incorrectly assessing that his undying support, encouragement and patronage would ensure Colorado, Colorado Springs and USNORCOM would be chosen as the home of Space Force; now our “Defense Leader”, as he calls himself, wants to endanger our children, teachers and citizens by demanding they go back to school!
If it weren’t true, you would not believe that this person is an elected official in our US Government!
Of course, Doug is only, as is his comportment and demeanor; once again, pandering to the extreme elements and religious-right of Colorado’s 5th District.  His recent “Newsletter”, as usual is a slanted, bias, prejudiced, one-sided, half-truth version of this important issue.  
For example, he NEVER reaches across the aisle for anything as no responsible person would support his extreme, right-wing dangerous policies – except now when he needs the support of those terrible, awful, appalling Democrats to save his bacon and get the Space Force back to Colorado – alas!
Oh, I forgot, he did in, his only single-sponsored legislation; manage to get a Veterans cemetery for CO-5!  He has co-sponsored (which means he only endorsed the legislation), 157 pieces of legislation in his 14-year tenure as CO-5/s representative (sic); nearly all being 100% right-wing, single issue, partisan pieces of legislation, pandering to his extremist supporters  – or to the furtherance of his special interest benefactors, military industrial complex, or big oil, or big pharm donors – not for the average citizen of this house district.  
When are the rational, sensible, reasonable, normal constituents of CO-5 going to wake up and send this man back to Kansas? Soon, I hope!
James M. Hesser
Colorado Springs
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