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Incumbent Rep. Tony Exum is running for his fourth and final term in Colorado House District 17, where he’s worked to create skilled jobs, boost education funding, build access to affordable health care, protect veterans and seniors, improve infrastructure, and preserve the environment (earning a 100 percent lifetime score from Conservation Colorado). 

Tony Exum Sr.

Tony Exum Sr.

Exum has been effective for his constituents, particularly during the pandemic, sponsoring bills for COVID-19-related housing assistance, and emergency assistance grants for higher education students. With bipartisan support, he passed the critical bill on State Government Regulation of Perfluoroalkyl and Polyfluoroalkyl Substances (PFAS), to protect residents from toxic chemicals used in some firefighting foam. He’s focused on demanding greater integrity and accountability from law enforcement, and says we should be more intentional about getting police involved in the community. Exum is working with Council and the city to boost investment in Southeast Colorado Springs, which previously “has been an afterthought” in planning for improvements. 

Exum’s Republican opponent, Rob Blancken, didn’t talk with the Indy, and his website identifies only three issues: Mental Health Crisis Blamed On Guns; Teachers and COVID-19; and Looming Budget Crisis. A retired water treatment specialist, Blancken moonlights as a gun-rights activist who disrupted a peaceful anti-gun-violence vigil. His website is light on strategy and heavy on late-night-email-from-your-angry-uncle — complete with bold-italic rants about “Gov. King Polis.” A highlight from his page on teachers: “I would hate to interrupt our public teachers in their year of social injustice and protesting. But we need to get them the ‘HELL’ back in the classroom.”

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