Indy Endorsements

When Doug Lamborn first ran for the House in 2006, Republicans outnumbered Unaffiliated voters in District 5 by 58,000. But unaffiliated voters lead the GOP by 19,000 today, and we’re hoping that means CD-5 voters are becoming more open-minded, more willing to consider Democrat Jillian Freeland to represent this region that has been represented — and repressed — for so long by Lamborn’s lazy, lock-step Republican Party thinking.

Jillian Freeland

Jillian Freeland for House District 5

Lamborn’s votes on issues Coloradans — especially young ones — care about show him to be out of touch with the people he represents. He has only a 3 percent lifetime score from the League of Conservation Voters, and recently voted against the Great American Outdoors Act. He has a 0 percent 2019 score from NARAL Pro-Choice America, is excited about the possibility of adding an anti-choice/forced-birth justice to the Supreme Court, and recently voted against the Pregnant Workers Fairness Act.

CD-5 voters need to protect and nurture the futures of their children and grandchildren — and the planet. Freeland is a midwife in private practice, and describes herself as a “coupon-clipping, solar-powered millennial.” She believes reproductive health is private, enlisted military personnel shouldn’t qualify for food stamps, our choice of energy sources is a national security issue, health care tied to employment is “irresponsible,” we need to close loopholes that foster tax-avoidance among the 1 percent and big business, and that COVID-caused unemployment can be eased through government investment in renewable resources and improved energy-efficiency, creating jobs and fighting climate change. She’s a policy wonk and she’s offering concrete solutions to the problems of now... and those that are headed our way. Change is long overdue in CD-5. 

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