Jessica Kuhn

Jessica Kuhn, Digital Director 

When it comes to hot weather, I’m no wimp. I played soccer and softball competitively through most of my childhood in Texas, and those tournaments lasted all day.

Summer was my favorite season until I moved to Colorado because I loved getting in the water.

I spent most of my childhood at some lake, river or nearby pool when I wasn’t playing team sports. In Colorado, however, it seems swimmable lakes, rivers and even backyard and public pools are harder to come by.

Another big difference between Colorado and Texas: The majority of houses here lack central air conditioning.

We’re only halfway through June and I already miss shoveling (or watching my husband shovel) snow from our driveway. And while summers in Texas might be hotter (and definitely more humid) than Colorado, it seems most houses built in the last three decades in the Lone Star State have central AC. And the plethora of aquatic options there make the heat much more manageable.

I’m honestly dreading the next few weeks as we face “an intense and long-lived heat wave…” according to a June 12 Denver Post article.

Is climate change to blame for these higher temperatures? Likely, but that’s not my point here.

What I would like to know: the best places to cool down within an hour’s drive of Colorado Springs. I checked out Guffey Gorge (aka Paradise Cove) two summers ago and was not impressed. It’s tiny in terms of swimming and it’s been overtaken by young adults and teenagers who, well...

I was young once — but I would like to think I had some semblance of manners. The young people I encountered on that trip were quite hostile and rude and they ruined the experience.

So where are the best places to cool off this summer? Do you have a local swimming hole you’d recommend? Send me a note at

Digital Director

Jessica Kuhn is an Army veteran and award-winning journalist. She works as a digital ninja for Colorado Publishing House, including managing its websites and social media channels. The native Texan moved to Colorado in 2017 and joined the company in 2018.