Jessica Kuhn

Jessica Kuhn, Digital Director 

When I moved to Colorado just over four years ago, I thought I was done with journalism. The last daily newspaper I’d worked at in Texas had pretty much ruined it for me. It was everything I felt like a media company shouldn’t be. 

Luckily, a former colleague put me in touch with Indy and Colorado Springs Business Journal publisher Amy Gillentine. I was promised she stood for real journalism and that she also understood that a personal life isn't a crutch.  

I started out as a reporter for the Business Journal and instantly fell in love with the company. The environment was completely different than any other media company for which I’d previously worked. It was very clear from the start that unbiased, professional journalism was at the core of everything the company and its leadership stood for. 

After nearly three and half years here, my first impressions haven’t changed. My love for journalism has been restored and even strengthened. That's why it's so hard for me to say goodbye... 

I consider the majority of my coworkers to be great friends, which of course made my recent decision to resign one of the hardest ever. In February, I found out I was pregnant with my first child. Now, in my ninth month of pregnancy, my husband and I were faced with a tough decision about what to do once the baby arrives. The company offered me a very generous maternity leave package in addition to a hefty raise upon my return to work. However, the idea of putting my infant in daycare in the midst of a pandemic frankly scares the bejesus out of me, especially considering there is no COVID-19 vaccine even in the works for those under 6 months old. 

Not to mention that I’m the type of person who gives 110 percent to something once I'm committed. I just can't see juggling having a newborn and being part of the management team at this company. 

Sadly, my final day at the publishing house is this Friday, Sept. 10. I will greatly miss supporting our mission and providing great journalism, as well as all of my amazing coworkers. But I’m super excited about this new chapter and getting to experience motherhood for the first time. I also plan to help out on a freelance basis once my baby is sleeping through the night and I get a handle on things (or at least when I think I have). 

So while this is goodbye for now, I’m hoping it’s not goodbye forever.

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Jessica Kuhn is an Army veteran and award-winning journalist. She works as a digital ninja for Colorado Publishing House, including managing its websites and social media channels. The native Texan moved to Colorado in 2017 and joined the company in 2018.