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Marcus Hill, Staff Reporter 

Hooray! Another revolution around the sun.

I turned 31 years old on Oct. 26 but chose not to celebrate with cake. Unfortunately, I’m unable to enjoy it.

Do not misunderstand  I still love cake. But my body? Not so much. Even if I eat dessert or fast food at 11 a.m., goodbye restful sleep that night. Food aside, I’m always asked, “What are you doing for your birthday?” Every year I cobble together an answer as if I have plans.

The real answer is: working or enjoying a Slurpee. I rarely indulge in Slurpees (see above for the rationale) so this simple treat serves as my gift to myself. Besides, clubbing and splurging offer less satisfaction than trying to reach my goals. 

But am I doing enough to accomplish my dreams? Not career goals, but personal targets I set each year?

Wondering if I'm doing enough for my future takes my confidence down a few pegs throughout the year, but that's especially true on my birthday.

Sometimes I'm sad, disappointed and angry about where I’m at in life. After those emotions fade, I collect myself and focus on how far I’ve come.

I’m using my journalism degree; I taught myself some Spanish and about the stock market (both are still works in progress); I’ve learned to enjoy, guilt free, alone time; and I’ve erased most of my debt and have a positive net worth.

That last piece always brings me joy. Not because I’m rich (ha!) but because I remember when my debt looked like a ZIP code.

Surely I’m not the only one dealing with thoughts of inadequacy on their birthday...

For me, patience is key. I, like many of you, are a work in progress. So I'll cherish my small victories and I'll be patient for those that are also a work in progress. So here's a gift to myself around my special day: Marcus, you’re doing just fine.

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Marcus Hill is a staff reporter for Colorado Publishing House. He graduated from Colorado State University-Pueblo in 2012 with a degree in Mass Communication.