Mug - Amy Gillentine

Amy Gillentine, Publisher and Executive Editor 

As I write this, it’s about 8 degrees outside and the annual Point in Time count of the unhoused population in Colorado Springs is starting.

Tonight, it will get even colder, with temperatures dropping below 0 and snow in the forecast.

People will flock to Springs Rescue Mission and the Salvation Army today and tomorrow to find shelter from the Arctic temperatures — to stay alive.

Tonight, we should give thanks for the roof over our heads, a warm meal in our stomachs and cozy blankets. But before we do any of that, we should consider donating to the nonprofits that help the homeless and those that try to find homes for teens and adults alike.

The Springs Rescue Mission is a first line of defense for the homeless. Its shelters are newly refurbished and expanded, and they have services available to help people find the assistance they need. Homeward Pikes Peak, operated by Beth Roalstad, works to find permanent housing for low-income and homeless people. The Place, run by Shawna Kemppainen, assists young people who don’t have homes.

These organizations — and so many others — work tirelessly for the less fortunate in our community. But there’s so much need, especially as rental rise and Colorado Springs housing costs start to rival those of Denver and Boulder.

If you are fortunate to have a home on these freezing winter nights, pay it forward and help those who don’t. It’s inhumane to leave people out of doors — and Colorado Springs residents need to work together to meet these needs of the least among us.

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