Jessica Kuhn

Jessica Kuhn, Digital Director 

While many of us were gathering with our families to celebrate Mother’s Day yesterday, at least two families were dealing with the aftermath of yet another mass shooting.

This time in Colorado Springs.

Not long after we posted an article about the tragedy on the Indy’s Facebook page, someone commented, “But yet, it’s the fault of the gun?”

Obviously, we can’t blame objects used to kill. It takes a person to pull the trigger. So if the problem’s not guns, it’s people, right?

So what’s the answer? We can’t keep responding to these situations with “thoughts and prayers” and “don’t take my guns away” in the same breath.

It’s past time for smart, bipartisan legislation that will address mass shootings in our country. What does that look like? Some of it definitely needs to address the nation’s growing mental health crisis. But... we also need to make it harder for people who shouldn’t have guns from obtaining them, in addition to making it easier to temporarily or permanently take guns away from the people who shouldn’t ever have had access. 

I’m not anti-gun. My husband and I own guns. We even have an AR-15-style rifle because we both are veterans and we learned to enjoy shooting in the Army. However, neither of us would have bitched about or fought having to jump through additional hoops to own said guns. We support universal background checks and preventing those with mental health issues or domestic violence records from ever owning a firearm.

If you’re a law-abiding citizen, I don’t know why you wouldn’t support gun controls designed to keep us all — including our children — safer.

It broke my heart reading how there were kids at yesterday’s mass shooting. Though none of them were physically hurt, there is no doubt they have all been mentally scarred by what they witnessed.

It’s time for us to make some changes. Yes, they will likely piss off some people. But who cares if they help prevent mass shootings from happening on what seems like a daily basis.

Digital Director

Jessica Kuhn is an Army veteran and award-winning journalist. She works as a digital ninja for Colorado Publishing House, including managing its websites and social media channels. The native Texan moved to Colorado in 2017 and joined the company in 2018.