Cathy Reilly

Cathy Reilly, Front Desk Coordinator 

In four days, I will be turning 60... I totally confess: My feelings are all over the place. Please don’t misunderstand me — the opportunity to begin another trip around the sun beats the alternative. I have family members and friends who didn’t make it this far, so I am aware of how fortunate I am. But what does it mean to age in 2021?  

We are a country that worships youth and beauty. And collectively we have a rather limited view of what constitutes success in life. At this point, I am claiming victory for having made it this far! I’ve seen it coming... Many years ago, I was at a store and the cashier told me helpfully to come in on Tuesdays because that’s senior day and I’d get a discount. I inquired about eligibility, and she said it applied to those 55 years and older. I wasn’t even close to that age at the time, but I thanked her and told her I’d make a note of it.  

Now I regularly take advantage of that discount. And just the other morning on my drive to work I saw advertising for Mountain Metro on a bus stop bench. It advertised discounts for riders over 60!  

One of the effects of growing older is I have become more aware of the passage of time and some of the things that I may have gotten worked up over in the past I now ignore. I just don’t have as much time to or energy waste.  

So how will I be celebrating the big day, you ask? With my husband and children and CAKE of course! And then, bright and early the next day, I will hop on a plane and head to the East Coast for a conference and then on to see some family. I’d be lying if I said I’m not looking forward to the trip and the next year… and hopefully several more of both after that. Pass the bubbly — and cheers to another year!

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