All I have to do to prove I’m a real-life human being is select the digitally rendered dog that is facing the right way up. In the face of this existential crisis brought on by a LinkedIn security/verification prompt, I turn to yoga. Obviously. 

“What happens when all of your chakras are aligned?” is a popular question, according to Google. The answer: You win. 

Lately, I’ve been going to Hot Asana Yoga Studio. I think the reason why some of us are willing to pay $18 to sweat through our clothes for an hour is because each drop of perspiration feels like a tangible release of stress. Downside: when you are trying to hold a balancing pose but your mat has turned into a slip ’n slide. 

A popular yoga mantra is, “Let go of what no longer serves you.” (Inhale. Then release.) My mantras tend to be more along the lines of, “I will never take a 68-degree room for granted ever again.” (Cue labored breathing.) 

The best part? The cold lavender-scented towel they give you just before class ends, at the precise moment you’ve convinced yourself that you’re seconds away from death. 

I lied. The best part of hot yoga is the bakery a couple doors down (Sasquatch Cookies). What better way to shock your system than with three perfect white chocolate macadamia nut cookies with frosting on the side? 

Anyone have any yoga recs? (Or cookie recs?) Email me at

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Anna Fiorino is a graduate from San Diego State University. She is a journalist with (more than three but less than twenty) years of experience. In her free time, she edits novels.