Marcus Hill

Marcus Hill, Staff Reporter 

I recall working for a hedge fund very well. 

Before venturing back to Colorado Springs, I wrote for the Pueblo Chieftain as a sports reporter. 

Prior to Gatehouse’s takeover of the Chieftain in 2018, we had sensible deadlines along with a wealth of experience in the newsroom — not just a handful of reporters attempting to work miracles with limited resources. We laid out pages and ran everything in house to ensure the best quality — no blunders like when The Denver Post ran a photo of Citizens Bank Park – the Philadelphia Phillies’ home park — instead of Coors Field in its "Ultimate Visitors Guide to Coors Field" in 2018.

I’m not ribbing the journalists at The Post because I understand this wasn’t their fault.

That sort of error occurs when 1) production moves from local to remote workers and 2) a company sees its employees as dollars versus a benefit to the community.

News shouldn’t be about bottom lines; it’s about people and facts. Thankfully, Larry Ryckman, editor of The Colorado Sun, and folks at the online news company share those beliefs. 

The Colorado Sun published an article on its website May 3 announcing a partnership with The National Trust for Local News to purchase Colorado Community Media. Their endeavor will keep 24 Denver-metro area newspapers away from greedy hedge fund owners. Also, those jobs will remain in Colorado. 

“News is too important to be left to absentee owners who care only about double-digit profits, not the journalists or the communities they serve,” Ryckman said in the article.

It’s rare to celebrate such a victory for journalism. But the best part is how The Colorado Sun made this move — 10 former employees of The Denver Post started The Sun in 2018 following layoffs by Denver Post owners Alden Global Capital. Now, those journalists, along with help from The National Trust for Local News, can continue their important work without the specter of potential takeovers. 

It’s a glorious win for the industry and a vital reminder to support local journalism.

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Marcus Hill is a staff reporter for Colorado Publishing House. He graduated from Colorado State University-Pueblo in 2012 with a degree in Mass Communication.