Cathy Reilly

Cathy Reilly, Front Desk Coordinator 

Last summer, at the height of the pandemic, I was chatting at 6 feet with a couple compatriots at our offices about bikes. One said that they’d recently bought a mountain bike and was thinking of buying another so they could ride on the wonderful paved trails around town.

Another co-worker said that they knew someone selling a nice bike for a song. My co-worker wasn’t interested just then — but I sure was! Fast forward a few days to a warm mid-August afternoon... I met with my co-worker’s friend who was selling the bike. Turns out, we knew each other via the community preschool that our children, now grown, attended! 

We spent a few minutes catching up and I got to see his lovely spouse and visit with her as well. I ended up buying a wonderful bike for a very reasonable price and my friend switched out the racing handlebars so that I would feel more comfortable. I christened her Gertrude and the next day took her out for a spin in what would become a regular weekend habit.  

When I was in college back in the (gulp) late ’70s and early 80’s, biking was my mode of transportation all over the city of Boulder and the lovely University of Colorado campus. I hadn’t really ridden much since I left there in 1985 and, while biking again was a bit daunting at first, I once again fell in love with cycling.  Now I have a regular route that I love.

It mainly keeps me off of the streets and on the paved trails that make up the Legacy Loop. I have had a great time exploring and feeling the wind on my face and arms, the sun on my skin, and marveling at the beauty of the area we live in.  Furthermore, I have revelled in the floral scents of spring, the smells of freshly cut grass and the creek… the smells of autumn in the cooler months. And while there are some fun hills going down, I’m proud to say I rarely need to walk my bike up the ones I encounter.

Isn’t that just a metaphor for life, the ups and the downs? After several years of being pretty sedentary, I have worked hard in the last five or so to become healthier. It’s gratifying to recognize that I can still, at almost 60, improve my physical wellbeing.  

So if you are ever out on the trails between Rockrimmon and Shooks Run and — all parts in between — and you see this boomer on Gertrude (she’s pink bike and the boomer has on a fluorescent lime helmet), say howdy! I look forward it!

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