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Bryan Grossman, Editor-in-Chief

I’m pretty sure I’ve crossed some sort of aging threshold, as revealed by my television-viewing habits.

On any given weeknight, if I wasn’t already in bed reading, I’d find myself zoning out to a syndicated Seinfeld rerun I’d already seen too many times to count.  

“And you want to be my Latex salesman…” Oh, George.

Now, as I’m nodding off on my couch, Papa’s got a brand new bag — shows about… housing?

While the rest of the world is gathering around the watercooler to discuss Squid Games (I haven’t seen it; we got rid of Netfilx a while ago), I tell all my coworkers about how Homestead Rescue or House Hunters International will change their lives.  

I’ve discovered that I find shows about people looking for houses, fixing houses or otherwise doing things with their houses, to be Zen.

My wife and I have been (slooooowly) working on our own house, so I get a vicarious sense of accomplishment when I see some stranger’s redone kitchen. I feel their pain when the host says, “Nope, that’s a load-bearing wall.” I daydream about getting a phone call from an HGTV producer who tells me they were in my neighborhood and my home is crumbling just enough to be featured on their new show, For Real, You Live Like This?

I like House Hunters International, getting to watch people start anew in a strange land. But I love Homestead Rescue. 

I’ve definitely romanticized the homestead life — living off the grid, milking goats and making acorn butter. And the work they’re able to do in a week on that show blows me away.

But I’m not handy. I’ve never milked anything but a carton. And as far as butters go, I’m partial to peanut (or Nutella! Can you make Nutella from an acorn?).

Anyway, I don’t know what’s clicked other than my creeping up on my mid-40s. Maybe this is what my midlife crisis is going to look life… A fixer-upper with a pen full of chickens and a well to dig — in Tuscany.

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Bryan Grossman is a graduate of the University of Colorado Boulder. He has been editor-in-chief of the Colorado Springs Indy since 2019.