Anna Fiorino

Your first Indy journalism fellow, Anna, here, reporting for duty. Nice to meet you!

A little about me: I was born in Vancouver, raised in San Diego and am currently, as of last December, enjoying life in the Springs. Truth be told, I never saw myself living far from the coast, but Colorado has surprised me. The mountains have been a beautiful and welcome change of scenery. So much camping to do, so little time!

The start of my Indy career: The first time I ever drove downtown to the Colorado Publishing House, where I now spend most of my days, a young man jumped onto the hood of my moving car and started pounding on the windshield, screaming at me that someone was going to kill him. (A passerby, on the sidewalk next to us, ended up helping him off.)

I arrived at the building for my interview a few minutes later, admittedly a little shaken and disoriented, which was only amplifying my pre-interview nerves. 

Wait, what am I even applying for again? 

To say the least, I wasn’t feeling particularly optimistic about my future at the company. There’s nothing quite like being violently confronted with the harsh reality of mental health and homelessness in America to throw off your day.

But a month later, and here I am. With a desk and business cards and a byline.

I’m beyond happy to be part of the team — and grateful for the opportunity to get acquainted with the city (my new home) in such a special way. Until next time, 


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