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Marcus Hill, Staff Reporter 

originally planned to write about The Walking Dead’s penultimate episode, which aired Nov. 6. To me, it was the best episode of the series. But we can discuss TWD matter via email if you’d like.

However, I’m ignoring walkers and anything about the series here because as I scrolled through Twitter to see reviews for the episode, I got distracted and saw an image of a cat flipping double birds. It was a meme from my friend, Susan Gonzalez, a fellow journalist, in response to a story/poll from ZipRecruiter.

It showed that of 1,500 people polled for the story, 87 percent of journalism majors “would choose a different major if they could.”

Others ranking high in regret included sociology (72%), liberal arts and general studies (72%), communications (64%), education (61%) and more.

I realize money plays a role in happiness. The article says, “Within each field, the most highly paid respondents are much more likely to be happy about their college major choice.”

I’ll never deny the importance of money and its significance in securing a respectable future. But you miss me with the regret of not making enough.

Case and point: According to a March article published in The Hill, “Nearly half of Americans making $100K are living paycheck to paycheck.” 

Another story from mid-June by CNBC shows 36 percent of those “who earned $100,000 per year, live paycheck to paycheck.” CNBC’s data comes from a poll of 9,658 full-time employees.

Oh, also, a LendingClub survey found 36 percent of those earning $250,000 a year live paycheck to paycheck!

Money isn’t the issue because how does someone clear six figures but struggle to make ends meet? Has the term “live within your means” never crossed their minds?

I realize the urge to splurge, but do so within your budget.

Our infatuation with money has become annoying in recent years. Every week, we discover a kid who’s made thousands on YouTube reviewing TV shows or someone who poured their life savings into a stock and got rich.

Do you remember their name? Do you know what they’re doing now? Do you even recall the amount of wealth they amassed?

Elon Musk currently holds the “richest man in the world” title, but who’s third on that list? Who is the second-richest woman on earth?

Now, if I asked about your second grade teacher, you could rattle off detailed stories about this person.

Please, get your bread! Find a way to pay your bills without having to struggle and, hey, build a legacy while you’re at it. But don’t sacrifice your career because you regret not making enough money.

Finances are a vital part of the equation, but not necessarily the solution.

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Marcus Hill is a staff reporter for Colorado Publishing House. He graduated from Colorado State University-Pueblo in 2012 with a degree in Mass Communication.