Marcus Hill Mug

Marcus Hill, Staff Reporter 

Every Sunday around 9 a.m., I dread picking up my phone.

I know that purple hourglass on my iPhone can’t wait to expose the hours I’ve wasted throughout the week. To my chagrin, since April 2020, my screentime has skyrocketed from 5 hours per week to nearly 7½.

To be fair, I do a lot of research for my work on my phone. It's where I feel comfortable sifting through information without fear of a random software update. But it inevitably leads to me wasting time.

In a heartbeat I’ll go from scrounging for statistics to watching videos of dogs balancing treats on their noses.

However, as we enter the final weeks of 2021, I’ve attempted to curb my phone usage. I’ve set daily reminders on Instagram and Facebook in order to decrease time wasted on both platforms.

At night, I leave my phone in another room to avoid social media, which I'm also avoiding in order to better enjoy the holidays. Eliminating a bad habit in the process is the cherry on top.

Besides, as I look to temporarily escape reality, I often venture toward the cesspools of the internet and the trolls who fan those flames. So, I've found it necessary to replace these anonymous interactions with other real joy. Sometimes I forget that doing nothing is as important as staying on top of pop culture.

This Thanksgiving, if you're not going to be on your phone all day, it’s OK to fill that void with football. I’m a Detroit Lions fan, so, by the time you read this, they’ve likely already disappointed me. But that's fine — I also have a slate of college basketball games to enjoy, or I can watch Hawkeye on Disney+.

In these final days of 2021, it’s important to disconnect from social media and your phone from time to time. It will benefit you. So, please, take my advice: Put down your device. I certainly will.

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Marcus Hill is a staff reporter for Colorado Publishing House. He graduated from Colorado State University-Pueblo in 2012 with a degree in Mass Communication.