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Bryan Grossman, Editor-in-Chief

 I drive a lot. I’m no long-haul trucker, but I commute, roundtrip, about an hour to an hour and a half every weekday. That adds up.

So, of course I found some info that basically says commuting will put you in an early grave. Longer commutes leave little time for exercise, they expose commuters to more pollutants and frequent commuters get stressed out more easily, to name of few of the ill side effects.

Let’s examine some of the root causes of this last one, shall we?

Colorado Springs is growing. That means more vehicles are on our roads year after year. And do a Google search of which state has the worst drivers in the nation and Colorado brings a pretty strong showing.

Getting from home to work shouldn’t be worse for your health than smoking a pack of cigarettes, so if commuting is driving you nuts, here are a couple useful tips:

  1. If you see three lanes going in the same direction, the one on the right is for merging and preparing to exit the interstate. If you’re in the right lane but not doing one of these two things, this is not the lane you’re looking for.

  2. If you see three lanes going in the same direction and you’re in the middle lane but don’t plan on exiting or passing anyone anytime soon, great job, you did it!

  3. If you see three lanes going in the same direction and you’re in the left lane, please pass and then immediately move over. If someone decides to pass YOU once you’ve moved over, please don’t speed up for no reason whatsoever and make it difficult for the passer to then move over and allow others to pass. If you’re in the left lane and you’re not passing but rather watching the traffic pile up behind you, may you get stuck in a thousand rush hours with violent diarrhea.

  4. If you’re merging and the merge lane is looooong (think Bijou Street and I-25) please use the whole thing. You don’t need to stop when the line turns from solid to dashed, backing up all traffic behind you, while you wait for someone to let you in. Use the whole lane — it’s not cutting, it’s what it’s there for. And if you are in the right lane while others are merging, please see No. 1 above.

  5. This one is more of a general observation: What don’t people understand about one car per lane per green at the new lights regulating traffic at onramps? You’d think, the way some people respond, that their asking you to solve a Rubik’s Cube before you can merge. I’ve seen four cars go at once. I’ve seen no cars go and sit there through a cycle. I’ve seen one car go and one car sit, only to see three go at the next turn. Jeopardy! candidates they ain’t…
If you’ve got a slog to work, face it: Commuting is the new worst thing since sitting at your desk. So, let’s work together and all get home in one piece.

Safe travels.

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Bryan Grossman is a graduate of the University of Colorado Boulder. He has been editor-in-chief of the Colorado Springs Indy since 2019.