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Bryan Grossman, Editor-in-Chief

Two things: The moon is wobbling and it’s hard being an adult.

Allow me to explain…

You see, I’ve waxed nostalgic here before, taking readers on the occasional tour of my childhood. And through these looks back I’ve come to realize, as I grow older, that ignorance really is bliss. It’s hard for me to remember what concerned me when I was a kid. Homework? Sure. Bullies? Sometimes. Nintendo? Always. But I never worried about a roof over my head, whether my parents were paying the utilities bills or where my next meal would come from.

These are, of course, things adults grow to worry about if they do, indeed, learn to adult. But now I heard the moon is wobbling and it could cause serious flooding issues on the Earth’s coasts.

In the words of Joe “No. 46” Biden, “C’mon, man!”

It seems everyday I learn about a new thing to be terrified of. Up until a couple months ago, I figured 99.9 percent of those concerns would be terrestrial — viruses, wars, public shootings and now buildings collapsing. Apparently, you can add to that UFOs, wobbly flood-moons and space-billionaires (yes, they’re dangerous).

There must have been a sweet spot in history where humans evolved just enough to where they weren’t struggling to survive day to day but had little to no access to the bad news that seems to bombard us every… single… minute. Maybe 2000 B.C.?

Anyway, this week’s Indy cover is about locally based Southern Gothic singer-songwriter Tensas. It will put a smile on your face. Next week’s cover story will be about Sister Blandina Segale, her Colorado connection, her potential canonization and how her legacy is inspiring change in the city of Trinidad a century later.  That’s good news — especially if you live in Trinidad.

OK, we're doing our part, so, I guess it’s not all doom and gloom. Now off to find my Nintendo...

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Bryan Grossman is a graduate of the University of Colorado Boulder. He has been editor-in-chief of the Colorado Springs Indy since 2019.