Dear Editorial Board.

Not certain who penned the above article in the May 12-18th edition but I struggle with your voice of reason and I, like many, many people I know, have not had a sigh of relief with the President's first 100 days of office. 

In your editorial, you comment on President Biden's administration's 'remarkably successful COVID vaccine strategy' but list nothing that the President has actually done to make that statement true. Sure he beat his goal of a 100 million shots in 100 days, but, as any informed reader knows, that wasn't a goal, it was already on track to achievement 4 days prior to him taking office.   

You are not reporting, you are promoting, giving credit for something he simply did not accomplish.  Setting and achieving a goal that was already accomplished?  Is that what should have me giving a sigh of relief?  In the words of the President himself, "Come on man!"  Tell me what he has done other than reach a mark that would have been reached without him.  You have nothing to report that Biden has actually accomplished in your op/ed, but that is journalism today.  Spit out what you want me to hear, what you want me to believe and then spit it so often, that sooner or later I actually start to believe it.  But whatever you do, ask me to believe with nothing to back it up, only instead because you say so. 

Yours is not the voice of reason but instead just another voice that wants to give credit where it is not due in hopes to politicize your guy as the savior, all because you didn't like the other guy.   

From what I can tell, the President's solution to everything so far is to simply throw gobs of money at any and all issues, lie to the American public as to where the money is actually going, and then declare himself equal to FDR.  He isn't capable of taking a leadership role on uniting the country as he said he would.  He doesn't have a mandate like FDR did.  He hasn't jumped in on the issues that require hard decisions.  What's next for you?  A piece on how the President is fixing the border crisis Trump wrecked, how Kamala is fully engaged and solving the border concern?  Spin that topic in your next edition.  I always enjoy a good fiction read.

Matt Ernst
Colorado Springs

Editor's note: Letters to the editor have not been edited nor fact-checked.