We all know that there is a bit of good and bad in every one of us; but, what accounts for the difference in degree of both – human kindness Vs. human cruelty?

The suffering in Ukraine, as a result of Mr. Putin’s obsessive appetite for power and thirst for  blood is a sad reminder of similar global happenings throughout the times.

The content of the book: “Aging with Grace” written by David Snowdon, Ph. D. reminds me of studies of the human brain that can be done, as the Nun Study of Aging and Alzheimer’s Disease Dr. Snowdon conducted in 1986. The concept of such studies done immediately after the death of certain individuals makes me wonder about what society could learn regarding cruelty, void of remorse, if the brains of the Putins of the world were to be studied under a microscope.

Now that technological advancements can cure deceases never cured before, couldn’t that same technology detect insanity among the Putins of the world before they inflict their sadistic behavior on others?

On a personal level, health related misfortune visited my home recently, not COVID, but just as potentially deadly. Neither my husband, nor I have family, locally, but the response of neighbors and friends has enabled us to see the other side of the coin, so to speak. One family, in particular, with five home schooled children has amazed me from the time I moved into their neighborhood ten years ago. Winters around this family warm up my heart, at the sight of five pairs of little hands shoveling snow in front of our house, with no expectation of financial reward.

Zoom sessions among likeminded individuals, church programs and such have also shown me the kindness and sensitivity among decent human beings. Once again, what accounts for such differences among people? 

Marcela Gaumer

Colorado Springs

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