letter to the editor

I was dismayed by recent public comments from Rep. Pico (HD-16) denouncing the badly needed Federal funding headed to our community.

Of all states, we should be the last to grumble over Federal spending: our great state was partly founded by it, going back to transcontinental rail, interstate highway construction, and conservation of wild lands, all the way to the present day, in which none other than the United States military is a major driver of the Pikes Peak region’s local economy. Well managed, one long term effect is that Colorado is one of eight “donor states,” contributing more to the U.S. Treasury than we receive.

But let’s be real. Rep. Pico only has this sudden concern about spending when the funds will liberate working families from poverty and develop infrastructure for under-served communities. Perhaps he doesn’t spend much time connecting with the essential workers, renters, and low-income families of our district, and is blissfully unaware of our struggle.

Not only is it good economics to invest in ordinary folks (yielding a better return for the effort than corporate subsidies or tax cuts), it’s also what we voted for last November -- to restore some of this country's wealth to the working people who generate it, and offer all people a solid foundation on which to build a good life. Let's all take note of who talks a big game about life-affirming, family values policy, and who truly acts on it.

Stephanie Vigil

Colorado Springs

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