Schniper and his demeaning attitude needs to get it adjusted (Re Whataburger article). Sonic, Subway, Jimmy Johns, McDonalds, Taco Bell, Taco Star, Panera, Arbys, Burger King, Panda Express etc., etc. Too many to mention that are already in the COS for many years. We are not food ignorant, but you are with your assumption about food preferences of people in our town. We are smarter than you think. Personally I would call out the tasty fare from Roman Villa, Monicas Tacos, La Casita, Jack Quinns, Margarita, Bingo Burger, Skirted Hefer, Paninos etc., etc. I also spend lots of $$$$$$$ at Ranch Foods for cooking at home and prepared items. And if that's not enough to explode your tiny brain I live half time in Phoenix where I eat at Whataburger 9at end of my street) McDonalds (3 blocks from me) In-n-Out (3 miles). I would call out the tasty fare that I eat from LOCALS: Sicilian Butcher, Venezias, Maskadores (OMG Mexican) King CoffeeRoaster, Tarbells, LeGrande Orange, Little Cay (yummy Caribbean flavors). I also spend lots of $$$$$$$$ at Arcadia Meat Market for cooking at home and prepared items.Your premise stinks and is not accurate. People do FAST food when they want fast, they do locals when they want tasty specialities.

Joanne Peterson

Colorado Springs

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