letter to the editor

Re: Doug editorial

You must remember that Doug doesn't write his stuff. Someone on his staff does. Why? Because Doug can't string together 5 words to make a coherent sentence. 

He doesn't support our seniors, military retirees, children, our troops or the citizens of CO-5. Just look at his voting record. When it comes to legislation, Doug is a "coat-tail" rider. He doesn't originate it. Just co-signs. When he brags about the awards he gets, other congressmen get the same award. It's like children's sports: everyone gets an award.

With the shrinking of CO-5 and the demographic changes, Doug may have a little more trouble trying to make it to retirement. Can the people of CO-5 do better? Yes, as well they should. We need a representative that doesn't hide and refuses to debate and hold town hall meetings. Doug is our own homegrown Insurrectionist. The Nation magazine, several year ago, listed Doug as one of 53 Anarchists in the U.S. Congress. Is that what we really want representing us?

Gary Casimir

Colorado Springs

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