letter to the editor

Our family recently moved to Boulder and just read your paper. The only accurate statement in Patience Kabwasa’s anti-American diatribe was taken from Dr. King: “Hate begets Hate”. Ms. Kabwasa clearly proves this through her own hateful statements about our fellow countrymen including “Americans love violence”, “Our nation was founded on violence, on hate” and “the United States, after all, was founded by white people who slaughtered...and enslaved.”  Perhaps she needs to re-read what our founding fathers wrote in the Declaration of Independence and our Constitution.

Three generations of my family served this country in time of war and were wounded in battle protecting Ms. Kabwasa’s right to free speech. Anyone who has spoken to American servicemen and woman will tell you that they do not love violence, in fact they abhor it, but they agree to risk their lives to defend this nation and their fellow citizens that they love. In the Civil War hundreds of thousands of white soldiers sacrificed their lives to abolish slavery.

Ms. Kabwasa clearly is not interested in solving hate, in fact she demonstrates she only wants to pour fuel on that fire. She blamed “white men” for the majority of mass shootings when the majority of black citizens are murdered by black assailants. Even the mass shootings she refers to in her article were committed against Asians and most recently against Boulder residents by non-whites, but I guess if you have an agenda facts and statistics don’t really matter.

America did not became the greatest and most powerful country in the world by hate but rather by the industriousness and compassion of its citizens. It still remains the most free and admired country in the world dispute the current popular narrative among a few self indulgent residents who rather hate than love their country. We have had African American Supreme Court Justices, Generals, UN Ambassadors, Surgeon Generals, Members of Congress and the Senate and yes, even a President. Instead of trying to tell the next generation how hateful this country is perhaps Ms. Kabwasa would accomplish more by celebrating the achievements of African Americans and the freedoms that have allowed this to happen in this wonderful nation.

Brett Kingstone

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