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Editor's note: Letters to the Editor have not been edited nor fact-checked.

I have never written a letter to the Editor, but I cannot contain my disgust and offense at the statement released by the El Paso County Republican Party a few days ago. Their hateful, vitriolic response to the election of our new mayor who, by the way, was chosen by a majority, IS NOT NORMAL.

The divisive rhetoric that’s overtaken this party and thus, this country, in recent years is not acceptable, and should be not tolerated. IT IS NOT NORMAL.

Every time I hear derogatory comments about my own political party, I want to remind those politicians that you are talking to all of us, not just the MAGA minority. Your disdain of all that is good IS NOT NORMAL. 

The acceptance of people like George Santos and Herschel Walker by the GOP is a prime example of the how far removed their party has become. The fact that their leading nominee for the 2024 Presidential election is facing numerous lawsuits, and could be incarcerated come election time, IS NOT NORMAL.

Since the election of an unqualified, unfit candidate for President by the Republican Party in 2016, all decorum and class disappeared. Empathy, compassion and love have been replaced by selfishness, dishonesty and an unrelenting quest for power. Verbal attacks and violence are now considered acceptable “in the name of freedom”. IT IS NOT NORMAL.

The GOP has put Party before Country, and using blatant prejudice, misogyny and fear-mongering as strategies to earn support IS NOT NORMAL.

Christin Preston

Colorado Springs