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Where does the general public of Colorado Springs stand on animal abuse and businesses that indirectly support it? Of particular concern is that which happens to dogs in the setting of puppy mills (ie. large scale commercial dog breeding facilities that prioritize profit over the well being of the dogs) The abuse is largely hidden (this is intentional), yet nearly all the puppies sold in retail pet stores in Colorado (including right here in Colorado springs) are sourced out-of-state from puppy mills; many with a history of repeated animal welfare violations (that often go without a penalty or corrective action).

The local pet stores that sell these puppies are aware of the horrid conditions the dogs are raised in yet - because they can get them cheap, and the public is largely unaware- the stores continue to source the puppies from these filthy, inhumane facilities.
Currently over 370 municipalities nationwide have acted to prohibit the sale of puppies from retail pet stores (thereby shutting down the inhumane pipeline at a local level). Following this lead, efforts have been made locally (unsuccessfully to date)  to both a) encourage local pet shops to adopt a humane business model that does not rely on the exploitation of our furry friends and b) ask city council to prohibit the sale of puppies from pet shops. A state bill passed earlier this year which improves transparency in the industry however did nothing to help stop the mistreatment of these dogs suffering in these mills daily.
Where do you stand on puppy mills and businesses that support them?
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Johnny Lieberman
Colorado Springs
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