letter to the editor

The United States Constitution establishes a civilian-military Chain of Command with civilians at the top and our military at the bottom.

Even as Commander in Chief and apex of the military portion, the President is the bottom of the civilian portion.

As Alexander Hamilton wrote in Federalist 69, "as commander-in-chief [he is] nothing more than...first General and admiral" of the United States.

As "The Apprentice" repeatedly emphasized, the Boss is the one with the authority to say “You're Fired!"

The American people can fire a President every four years.

Congress can impeach and fire a President at any time.

The Vice President and a Cabinet majority can fire a President at any time under the XXV Amendment.

The sole issue under the XXV Amendment is whether a President is “unable to discharge the powers and duties of his office,” especially since his finger is on the nuclear trigger.

Anyone who has served in our military knows that when a superior seems bonkers, his subordinates have a duty to report to and consult with his superiors and act as they recommend.

President Trump’s words and actions during and after the January 6 paramilitary putsch by a murderous mob of Trump loyalists certainly raised this issue.

Reporting to and consulting and coordinating with Trump’s superiors is West Point 101.

Thank God for Gen. Milley and his loyalty to our Constitutional Chain of Command.

NOTE: I'm USAFA 1967, not West Point, but both taught the same duty to our Constitution.

Ralph Palmer

Colorado Springs

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