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As scientists work on finding the right antidote for COVID19 and its derivations, who is assigned to work on the equivalent cure for stupidity? After two years of daily repetition of the words “get vaccinated, wear a mask, practice good hygiene, etc.” what is so difficult for some to understand that common sense would help? The opposite of it - being the absence of an adequate thought process - puts others at risk recklessly.

As much as I agree with my husband’s point of view, which is “mother nature has her way of getting rid of stupid people,” I wish it were that simple. Those obstinate, politically minded individuals, may still lose their loved ones to COVID, if they haven’t already. Unfortunately, the rest of us who want to live a healthy life, could easily be the victims of the bad choices others make.

Yes indeed! This is a free country, so please, let us enjoy the freedom to live as healthy a life as possible. If your tendency is to be suicidal, please do not assume that I want to die with you. 

Perhaps if insurance companies refused to pay for the care of all antivaxxers who end up in the hospital?

Marcela Gaumer

Colorado Springs

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