Voting sticker

You have made your endorsements for COS city council. What qualifies you to make a subjective endorsement is debatable. Your choices tell me as a voter, and all other voters,that I am ignorant and need your advice. Politics is politics. Some candidates are good citizens and have a desire to actually improve the city. Others seek "power" and financial gain. I know this is trite, but politicians are like diapers. They get full of themselves and must be changed. This year COS is priviledges to have several very qualified candidates and you have ignored them. At least two incumbents, have served their usefullness and need to go! They have sold their soul to special interest and CANNOT act for the best for COS. The incumbent for District 2 where I live is a nice person, but is a lightweight. Either of his 3 opponents would serve COS far better.

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