Law and Constitution

Dear Congressman Lamborn and Congresswoman Boebert,

We write this letter to you as past presidents of the El Paso County Bar Association, concerned about the actions that took place in Washington D.C. on January 6. We condemn the attack on the Capitol. It was a seditious attempt to undermine democracy and the electoral process.  

We also view your votes objecting to the electoral college vote certification as votes that attempted to disenfranchise voters and to ignore the Constitution. Your votes were an endeavor to overthrow the votes of millions of Americans validly cast in a lawful election. Your failure to accept the rulings of our courts enabled and encouraged those who attempted and who attempt to violently disrupt our government.  As our representatives you swore to uphold the Constitution. To use your position of power to publicly question the results of the election when more than 60 courts across our country failed to find fraud, ignored our Constitutional system of justice. 

We as attorneys, retired judges and retired military officers took an oath to uphold the Constitution, as did you. If you are unable or unwilling to do so, as represented by your actions, please resign from your positions so that people who respect the rule of law can take your place. 

Deborah Adams

Thomas Cross

Lisa Dailey

Jack Donley

Yolanda Fennick

Larry Gaddis

Patricia Germer-Coolidge

Paul Haller

Thomas Herd

David Johnson

Greg O’Boyle

Kirk Samelson

David Webster

Murray Weiner