letter to the editor
Look at murder on global scale and you will see that citizens living in anti firearm nations are perfectly capable of using other devices to kill and maim each other.  The recent stabbing attack in Japan or the almost daily bombing in the Middle East. Even vehicles are used to kill others.
Research the firearms law in Mexico and notice the failure to protect the average citizen who can't get a license or a firearm.  
The various kidnapping and religious killings in Haiti, nations of Africa show that unarmed populations are unable to protect themselves and a corrupt or divided government is worthless. Boko Harem is a good example.
The recent rioting in the USA witnessed local government powerless to protect citizens or property. If your wealthy or politicly connected you have a chance for a paid armed guard.
I am unable to stop any physical attack due to my age and injuries. I am able to carry and own firearms that will stop attacks on my person and my family.  Firearms protect private business and prevent a mob from shutting down or attacking our freedom to assemble or to voice our opinions. 
Stupid people will continue to maim each other and themselves in a multitude of ways. Firearms are frequently used or blamed only because they work well. There will always be a plan B when Plan A is taken away.
Michael Remington
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