letter to the editor

I've gotta hand it to you guys. Despite the 2020 election fading in the rear-view mirror & the fact that Trump really is little more than a sideshow at this point, you just can't let it go. I'm referencing "The Modern World" of Oct 27-Nov 2. Who cares what Fox News says anymore than what CNN says? Both are predictably boring & uninformative. While I didn't vote for Biden, I do wish him some degree of success since that will translate into success for all Americans. That's the way the system is intended to work in this country, success is somewhere in the middle. If you seek to bring awareness of current issues & politics to your readership, then I would direct you to some of the true crisis we face as a nation. A looming showdown with China over Taiwan, cyber intrusion into virtually every facet of our lives by both Russia & China, a southern border that is nothing short of a disaster, inflation showing signs of becoming a significant problem alongside stagnant wages, an endemic that is nowhere near being brought under control, the fact that we manufacture next to nothing in this country any more, overpopulation, and the climate issue, to name just a few. So, how about setting the divisive political posturing & rhetoric aside for a while and work on getting people to come together and accomplish something for the greater good? Now that would be worth reading...

Mike Endres

Colorado Springs

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