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In response to “City paves 166 lane miles during 2021 under 2C program” by Jeanne Davant Nov 10, 2021: My comment:

I am not convinced by this annual report of lane miles repaved. I think the City should publish an online listing with detailed description of the roads repaved. My personal experience on my side of town is that maybe 1 mile of road got repaved in 2021, numerous treacherous and obvious large potholes remain unrepaired, the number of roads in terrible state of disrepair are increasing more rapidly than the lane miles paved, and CS Utilities careless road patches, resulting in speed bumps, speed trenches, and weakened pavement causing future potholes, that do millions of dollars of damage to resident vehicles every year, are escalating.

The insistence on road repair only being accomplished during perfect weather is a City-created problem. The Mayor speaks of “all the money sloshing around the economy,” on the Richard Randall Show, as the reason for low gains in employment. One thing we know for sure is that money is not “sloshing around” in our City’s potholes.

Peter Dunn

Colorado Springs

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