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Open letter to the El Paso County Board of Health

You cannot recommend a scientifically proven, fully FDA approved life saving Covid-19 vaccine?

You caved. 

The Covid vaccines work

Hospitalized unvaccinated people are 20-50 times more likely to die than vaccinated hospitalized patients. What odds are you taking? Are you vaccinated? Are your loved ones vaccinated?

There are NO medical prevention alternatives as effective as the vaccine. Iver@*#%*@in is to prevent worms not viruses. It can be neurotoxic, causing coma and death. Can we please just forget hydr#@*#$@*ine?

Many studies show that masks help in highly contagious situations, crowds, indoors, around active cases of covid. We need more than masks. We need vaccines. 

Effective treatments? Monoclonal antibodies are good at keeping people from getting sicker and requiring hospitalization. They are EUA, emergency use authorization!! They are newer and less studied than the mRNA vaccines.we do not know what the long term effects are with monoclonal antibodies which cost at least $1200 a pop. But somehow, they are more acceptable than a free, well researched vaccine, one that has complete approval?

Pfizer is bringing a new antiviral pill out. Anybody remember what AZT did with HIV? It did not completely control the virus but led to more mutations. The current pandemic coronavirus has already mutated and the fourth significant iteration, Delta, is way more transmissible than the first variant, alpha, which was 50% more transmissible than the wild type, original virus. We are running a race with the next significant mutation. The only way to beat the 8 hour replication time of the virus, is to give it no place to regenerate, no human hosts…by vaccinating them! Covid is already in wild animals, white tail deer. We can only stand by and hope that Covid doesn’t mutate in the deer population and then jump back into the human population as more transmissible, more deadly or worse, “escaped” the current vaccines. Zoos are vaccinating their precious animals, great apes, giraffes, and more. Does the Board of Health regard people of El Paso County as insignificant compared to a red panda?

Would the Board of Health allow a rabid skunk to have free rein in our community? 

Would the Board of Health allow a restaurant to stay open and unchecked after a known salmonella outbreak?

Would the Board of Health allow known tuberculosis infected patients, roam the county, go to bars, concerts, restaurants?

Would the Board of Health allow toxic waste to flow from our home faucets?

Would the Board of Health allow sewage treatment to vanish and toilet water flow in our gutters? 


Should the Board of Health consider medical resources of the community?

Should the Board of Health consider that our county ICUs are at >150% capacity recently?

Should the Board of Health consider that hospital staffing numbers are so pitiful that federal reinforcements were deployed to help our exhausted and overworked hospital personnel?

Should the county commissioners consider the economy of the County? Continuously opened schools, parents working regular hours, crowded restaurants, bars, movie theaters, museums, and small businesses will continue to be a thing of  the past until everyone is safe from the virus. 

Mandates you ask?

We are mandated to drive with a license for which we are tested.

We are mandated to drive with auto insurance. 

We are mandated to pay personal, property and sales taxes

We are mandated to stop at red lights.

We are mandated to get vaccinated against measles, mumps, rubella, polio

Why?      For the PUBLIC good.

That is the linchpin of Public Health.

You, the Board of Health, are responsible for that. Not to a vocal minority that is not based in science. You owe the citizenry of El Paso County your best judgment.

What is it?

Terri Weber, MD

Colorado Springs

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